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The F-Word stage blog: July 2018

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre this month

Lissy Lovett // 31 July 2018

Categories: Blog

The F-Word stage blog: January 2018

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in January

Lissy Lovett // 29 January 2018

Categories: Blog

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: part five

Here are The F-Word’s fifth set of reviews of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe covering comedy and theatre

Various Authors // 25 August 2017

Categories: Comedy, Music, Reviews, Theatre

Forgive and forget?

Tillie Boyce reviews Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed and wonders whether too much is forgiven in this tender-hearted and thoughtful rewriting of Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Tillie Boyce // 19 December 2016

Categories: Books

The F-Word stage blog: June 2016

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in June

Lissy Lovett // 15 June 2016

Categories: Blog

The F-Word stage blog: April 2016

The first in a series of posts on The F-Word about what's happening on stage in the UK

Lissy Lovett // 12 April 2016

Categories: Blog

But yet a woman

Lissy Lovett applauds Henry IV at the Donmar Warehouse, which casts women in all the roles and tells a powerful and compelling story

Lissy Lovett // 1 November 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

To be a little differently

The Royal Exchange in Manchester has a strong production in Hamlet but the high point for Suzanne Duffy remains Maxine Peake's barnstorming performance as the eponymous character

Suzanne Duffy // 25 September 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Richard III: a trans revelation

Katherine Wootton is blown away by new writing, Drag King Richard III, that explores trans experiences through Shakespearean dialogue and manages to get it just right

Katherine Wootton // 3 September 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

The F-Word goes to EdFringe

The F-Word is back in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. In this post, we review shows about vaginas, Christianity, Tourette's syndrome and Greek myths

Various Authors // 13 August 2014

Categories: Theatre

Beyond Shakespeare’s Desdemona

Desdemona, A Play About A Handkerchief is a brilliant exploration of the characters who usually barely get to speak, never mind define their own conversation. Rita Suszek thoroughly enjoys an irreverent retelling of Othello

Rita Suszek // 8 June 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

New review: Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing

Katherine Wootton reviews for us Much Ado About Nothing, Joss Whedon’s recent take on Shakespeare’s classic. The creator of iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer scores high among feminist film and...

Ania Ostrowska // 4 July 2013

Categories: Blog

Some ado about Whedon’s Much Ado

A self-professed Shakespeare snob Katherine Wootton gives Joss Whedon all the kudos he deserves for his new screen adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing

Katherine Wootton //

Categories: Films, Reviews

The Taming of the Shrew: a feminist portrayal of domestic abuse?

Saranga reviews a new production of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, which highlights the abusive nature of the play's core relationship

Guest Blogger // 3 February 2013

Categories: Blog

Delhi delights in new Much Ado

The RSC sets Much Ado About Nothing in Delhi, with results that leave Katherine Wootton impressed

Katherine Wootton // 10 October 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Dreaming a different dream

By setting A Midsummer Night's Dream in a community of Travellers, the play is transformed. Megan Stodel considers how successful the Open Air Theatre's new interpretation is

Megan Stodel // 17 June 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

A Shakespearean sausage-fest

Guest blogger Vicky asks where the women are in Sky Arts' Shakespeare series, looking at the significant roles that women have performed in the past.

Victoria Brewster // 24 April 2012

Categories: Blog

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