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Rock-a-lie: single mums deserve better

Despite its huge popularity, Clean Bandit's 'Rockabye' sends out a troubling message to single parents and their children, argues Sally Parkin

Guest Blogger // 8 March 2017

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Why you should care about the bedroom tax

Hilary Wardle explains why the bedroom tax, which comes into force today, is nothing more than an attack on poor people, designed to further demonise benefit claimants

Guest Blogger // 1 April 2013

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A Room of One’s Own

Millie Kidson explains why housing benefit is so important for women, in response to David Cameron's suggestion that it be denied to under-25s

Guest Blogger // 17 July 2012

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Families are not factories

My parents have been married for thirty years. I grew up in a semi-detached house in a suburb, one of three kids. The only surprise in the set-up is that...

Ray Filar // 5 December 2011

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Blaming black, asian and minority ethnic lone mums

Farida Yesmin, director of the Limehouse Project, in the forward to the organisation’s report on BAME lone mothers: The figure of the lone mother still continues to be disparaged, looked-down...

Jess McCabe // 10 April 2011

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Campaign against Tory plans for marriage tax break heats up

Don’t Judge My Family is campaigning against Tory plans for a marriage tax break. By profiling families which would be rejected by the Tory party as ineligible for their £5...

Jess McCabe // 28 April 2010

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