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The F-Word stage blog: October 2017

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in October

Lissy Lovett // 7 October 2017

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Feminist South Park

The creators of this long-running cartoon are open about its wide-ranging offensiveness, but does it sometimes subvert dominant norms to illustrate the raw deal girls often get? Victoria Brewster considers the case

Victoria Brewster // 2 September 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

Not because she was a woman or despite it: more views on Thatcher

Holly considers some of the attitudes towards Thatcher that have been expressed after her death and shares a few thoughts from some other F-Word writers

Holly Combe // 13 April 2013

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The individual and society in feminism

Natasha Gorbert-Hopkins considers the power of society to change individuals and individuals' power to change society, in the context of feminist theory and activism

Guest Blogger // 11 March 2013

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New review: Ste McCabe’s Bad Kitty

Following on from the “ferociously political” Hate Mail and Murder Music, Bad Kitty is Ste McCabe’s third album. Released on Cherryade Records on 29 October with a wider release due...

Holly Combe // 6 November 2012

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Subversive kitty

Bad Kitty is the third album from the politicised queer pop-punk performer and Pussy Whipped organiser Ste McCabe. Liz Ely finds him on top form

Liz Ely //

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Song of the day: Lena Zavaroni – Going Nowhere

Discussions about Lena Zavaroni's contributions as a performer tend to be overshadowed by references to the difficulties she faced in her personal life. Perhaps her well-known emotional performance of 'Going Nowhere' on Lena and Her Music in 1981 should be considered in the light of its own merits rather than under the glare of these

Holly Combe // 13 August 2012

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New review: The Selecter’s Made in Britain

“I think we were probably the first [band] to start talking about racism and actually take -if you like- the race question out there and start informing people about it.”...

Holly Combe // 20 March 2012

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Made in solidarity: The Selecter in the 21st century

The Selecter brought us their 2 Tone sound when right wing politics was dividing a nation. Helen G reviews their most recent release Made in Britain and finds their music -new and old- to be as relevant today as their most famous tracks were in the 1980s

Helen G //

Categories: Music, Reviews

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