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How to be a feminist porn director

Laura Elias Casas interviews two women porn industry figures about where, how and why feminism fits in

Laura Elias Casas // 30 July 2017

Categories: Features, Interviews, Sex and Relationships

Woman’s Hour discussion: the “female masturbation” taboo

A guest post from Chrissy D, looking at how a discussion about masturbation on Woman's Hour has caused outrage in the Daily Mail and the view of women this reaction reflects

Guest Blogger // 29 January 2012

Categories: Blog

Newsflash: Violence is not Ladylike

I expect you’ll already be aware that the attack on Danielle Lloyd in a nightclub last week prompted the usual predictable response from the Daily Mail about Bad Women. (I...

Holly Combe // 1 June 2009

Categories: Blog

Women: Oh! We are Awful!

We’ve heard it all before. A celebrity laments that, contrary to apparently popular opinion, women are actually incredibly horrid and the idea of “sisterhood” is a myth. The media then...

Holly Combe // 9 April 2009

Categories: Blog

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