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Spring 2017 playlist

Spring 2017 playlist, for your listening pleasure

Joanna Whitehead // 2 April 2017

Categories: Blog

Anarchy and activism

Helen G finds musical solace and affirmation in The Selecter’s new release Subculture

Helen G // 6 July 2015

Categories: Features, Music, Reviews

New review: The Selecter’s Made in Britain

“I think we were probably the first [band] to start talking about racism and actually take -if you like- the race question out there and start informing people about it.”...

Holly Combe // 20 March 2012

Categories: Blog

Made in solidarity: The Selecter in the 21st century

The Selecter brought us their 2 Tone sound when right wing politics was dividing a nation. Helen G reviews their most recent release Made in Britain and finds their music -new and old- to be as relevant today as their most famous tracks were in the 1980s

Helen G //

Categories: Music, Reviews

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