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Dead End Drive

The Sluts of Sutton Drive is a play about the problems faced by working-class women. Megan Stodel thinks it fails to engage the audience at all

Megan Stodel // 11 July 2012

Categories: Theatre

Through the Ngajat: why “I” am important

Anna Sulan Masing talks through her dance performance about migration and home

Anna Sulan Masing // 10 July 2012

Categories: Culture and Media

New review: Dreaming a different dream

Megan Stodel reviews a new interpretation of a Shakespearean classic The Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park is currently showing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As you might imagine with...

Megan Stodel // 17 June 2012

Categories: Blog

Dreaming a different dream

By setting A Midsummer Night's Dream in a community of Travellers, the play is transformed. Megan Stodel considers how successful the Open Air Theatre's new interpretation is

Megan Stodel //

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Rediscovering my inner pirate

Director, writer and performer Lucy Foster reflects on the experience of creating The Pirate Project, a play exploring the lives of female pirates.

Guest Blogger // 3 May 2012

Categories: Blog

‘The face I couldn’t face’

Natalie James is performing at the hip hop dance theatre festival Breakin’ Convention at Sadlers Wells on Saturday. Here she explains her piece My daughter and I are currently staying...

Guest Blogger // 29 April 2012

Categories: Blog

A Shakespearean sausage-fest

Guest blogger Vicky asks where the women are in Sky Arts' Shakespeare series, looking at the significant roles that women have performed in the past.

Victoria Brewster // 24 April 2012

Categories: Blog

Do you want to be The F-Word’s theatre and arts editor?

Do you dream of transforming The F-Word’s arts and theatre coverage? If so, we need you. I’m looking to appoint a theatre and arts editor to join our team of...

Jess McCabe // 4 March 2012

Categories: Blog

Her Naked Skin

Hazel Tsoi-Wiles reviews a production of Her Naked Skin, a suffragette romance which whisks the audience back to a time of protest on the street, activists smashing windows and police clamp-downs

Hazel Tsoi-Wiles // 23 December 2011

Categories: Theatre

Whatever happened to Cunning Stunts?

Sphinx Theatre is revisiting the feminist theatre tropes of the 1970s and ’80s as part of the Women of the World festival at London’s South Bank Centre. As well as...

Jess McCabe // 28 February 2011

Categories: Blog

New review: Penelope

Waiting for 20 years for Odysseus’ return, Penelope is an emblem of marital fidelity and has always provided plenty of material for reinterpretations, feminist or otherwise. Kate McCarthy reviews the...

Jess McCabe //

Categories: Blog


Waiting for 20 years for Odysseus' return, Penelope is an emblem of marital fidelity and has always provided plenty of material for reinterpretations, feminist or otherwise. Kate McCarthy reviews the latest, which dumps the suitors in a dried out swimming pool

Kate McCarthy //

Categories: Theatre

New review: Women, Power & Politics: Then

Kate McCarthy reviews a collection of short plays at the Tricycle As part of The Tricycle’s Women, Power & Politics series, the theatre is hosting two collections of short plays;...

Jess McCabe // 12 July 2010

Categories: Blog

New review: Viva la vagina

Jessica Gjergji is blown away by a performance of The Vagina Monologues at the Bristol Old Vic “My daughter’s got a part in tonight’s performance,” I hear a rather tall...

Jess McCabe // 4 July 2010

Categories: Blog

Writers group launches in Edinburgh

Lauran Kelly introduces a new writing group in this guest post A few weeks ago Bidisha wrote an article for The Guardian under the headline “I’m tired of being the...

Guest Blogger // 9 May 2010

Categories: Blog

The Tricycle puts on mammoth Women, Power & Politics season

Whatever the outcome of this election, the percentage of women MPs is likely to merely inch upwards, according to the Centre for Women and Democracy. The topical Tricycle in London...

Jess McCabe // 21 April 2010

Categories: Blog

Theatre as a tool for survivors of sexual assault and rape?

A theatre company in Norwich has launched to work “with and for” survivors of sexual assault and rape, and their friends and families. The Theatre Empowerment Company has an under-construction...

Jess McCabe // 19 April 2010

Categories: Blog

Ruined, Almeida Theatre, London

If you’re able to go and see Ruined, do. On until 5 June at the Almeida Theatre in London: A small mining town deep in the Democratic Republic of Congo....

Jess McCabe // 17 April 2010

Categories: Blog

Eileen Atkins to Star in Play Inspired by Greer

Next month, Dame Eileen Atkins will be starring in a comedy said to be inspired by Germaine Greer being held hostage in her home by a student in 2000. The...

Holly Combe // 17 June 2008

Categories: Blog

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