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Grenfell Tower is about race and class

Grenfell Tower has become a symbol of systemic, institutional and structural inequality argues Joanna Whitehead

Joanna Whitehead // 22 June 2017

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The Conservatives and women: new blog series

Yesterday ConservativeHome launched a week-long series on ‘the Conservatives and women’, just ahead of today’s second reading on the Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill which has now capped annual benefits increases...

zohra // 8 January 2013

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Workfare: yet more contempt from the government of the wealthy

Public anger over the government's workfare schemes has kicked off this week following the widespread online circulation of adverts for "jobs" in Tesco paying only travel expenses and JSA. Laura argues that feminists need to join the fight.

Laura // 23 February 2012

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Feminism for the 1%

Tory feminism. I’ve been avoiding blogging about this because the sheer physical pain that swells up in my fingers when I type those two words in succession, not to mention...

Laura // 25 January 2012

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[Don’t] shop an illegal

In a blatant attempt to divert attention from the disastrous NHS bill currently going through the Lords, David Cameron yesterday urged us all to shop an illegal immigrant. Not wealthy,...

Laura // 11 October 2011

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What is a family friendly government?

When David Cameron promised to form a family-friendly government, you may have got the impression he was talking about a particular and narrow type of domestic arrangement. But Milena Popova imagines how policy would change if support for all families was put at the heart of decision-making

Milena Popova // 3 October 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs

Have you used a faith-based public service?

Correction made on 26 July 2011 (see first comment below). In May 2011, the launch of the Sexual Education and Relationships Council was announced. Founding members of this council include...

Holly Combe // 25 July 2011

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Disabled? Work for less!

I expect the headline above would be dismissed by Tory MP Philip Davies as yet more “leftwing hysteria” but it precisely reflects something he has seriously suggested: “The people who...

Holly Combe // 17 June 2011

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It’s a child’s right to be educated, not given a morality lecture – a response to the Sex and Relationship Education Council

I grew up in the “teenage pregnancy capital of Europe”, Scarborough. When I was 13 in 1998, 55.8% of teenage girls became pregnant at some point.

Guest Blogger // 25 May 2011

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Domestic violence courts face closure in ConDem cuts

One in six specialist domestic violence courts will be shut down as a result of the cuts, the Law Society Gazette is reporting: Shadow justice minister Andy Slaughter has tabled...

Jess McCabe // 8 May 2011

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Tories attack parental leave

The Tory government is planning to strip parental leave rights from parents who work in small businesses, reports The Telegraph. Under the proposal from Chancellor George Osbourne, businesses employing 10...

Jess McCabe // 13 March 2011

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Record numbers of women claim Jobseekers’ Allowance as unemployment rises

The number of women claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance has risen 12%, meaning the number of women aged 25-49 claiming the unemployment benefit is at its highest since records began in 1997,...

Jess McCabe // 18 February 2011

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Fawcett refused judicial review of Budget

UPDATED to add Fawcett’s response. The Fawcett Society has been refused a judicial review of the emergency budget. Fawcett was arguing that the Treasury did not carry out a gender...

Jess McCabe // 6 December 2010

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Equality “alienates” (who, exactly?!)

Home Secretary Theresa May intends to abandon one of the central measures in the Equality Act passed by the last government, reports The Guardian. The socioeconomic duty would have required...

Jess McCabe // 18 November 2010

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The cuts: a disastrous blow for women’s equality

“Taken apart, many of the measures announced today will dismay women across the UK. Add them together and they’re a disastrous blow for women’s equality.” This is the early reaction...

Jess McCabe // 20 October 2010

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Home Sec warns Chancellor on Budget inequality

UPDATE: It should be noted that today Theresa May scrapped powers to ban violent partners from their victim’s home, citing the need to save money. Hopefully we will have more...

Jess McCabe // 4 August 2010

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Croydon council leader cuts rape crisis funding, gives himself pay rise

Croydon’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre is having its funding cut by £27,000 a year – while the top Tories in the council are giving themselves pay rises. This...

Jess McCabe // 9 July 2010

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Anonymity for rape defendants splits Commons on gender lines, as LibCons shirk formal consultation

UPDATE: Apparently Ken Clarke has put a correction on record that he meant to extend his concern to “acquitted” not “convicted” rapists – via @gorilerof3b No formal consultation will be...

Jess McCabe //

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More bad news on the Budget

Women will bear the brunt of three-quarters of extra taxes and benefit cuts, according to a gender audit of the Budget carried out by the House of Commons library. And...

Jess McCabe // 5 July 2010

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The gendered impact of the emergency Budget

The cuts have started, the emergency Budget is out. As Fawcett sets out the cuts are going to hit women hard. As Ceri Goddard says: Reducing women’s economic security in...

Jess McCabe // 24 June 2010

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New feature: Is it time for abortion to return to the political agenda?

Anti-choice lobbyists are gearing up as the new coalition government settles in. We should not let them define the terms of debate, says Lisa Ansell, instead we should push for...

Jess McCabe // 2 June 2010

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Sign petition to drop plans to make rape defendants anonymous

If you oppose the Tory-Liberal Democrat plan to grant anonymity to defendants in rape cases, then you may want to sign this petition calling on Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to...

Jess McCabe // 1 June 2010

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Anonymity for rape defendants?!

The government plans to grant defendants in rape trial anonymity, according to their coalition programme for government. Details are slight, by which I mean one line saying: We will extend...

Jess McCabe // 21 May 2010

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Election quick hit: check up on candidates in your constituency with Fawcett

The Fawcett Society asked prospective parliamentary candidates from up and down the country these three questions. Would they: 1. Support local and national action to tackle the gender pay gap?...

Jess McCabe // 6 May 2010

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What does the election mean for reproductive rights?

Is there a straightforward answer to this? Not really. There’s certainly no consensus in the EFC office about how anyone should vote, because the future of reproductive rights in this...

Education For Choice // 30 April 2010

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