Articles about 'trans feminism'

A woman’s place is to speak out against transphobia

Josephine Tsui argues that an intersectional feminism that includes trans women will only strengthen the women's movement

Josephine Tsui // 5 February 2018

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Reluctant Women

D H Kelly explores what being a cisgender woman means and doesn't mean and how a failure to acknowledge our own, often complicated, gender identities can lead us to let down our trans sisters

D H Kelly // 25 September 2014

Categories: Blog

Feminism is for everyone – including trans women

Helen considers the relationship between trans women and feminism

Helen G // 18 January 2013

Categories: Blog

F to M to feminist

*Edited to remove a phrase which really didn’t convey my meaning at all that I added before I’d had my coffee this morning. Around the time The F-Word advertised for...

Harri C. Weeks // 3 June 2011

Categories: Blog

Call for Papers: Transgendered Feminism

Via the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania: Transgendered Feminism full name / name of organization: MP an online feminist jourmal contact email: MP: Transgendered (Fall issue)...

Helen G // 27 April 2011

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