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A woman’s place is to speak out against transphobia

Josephine Tsui argues that an intersectional feminism that includes trans women will only strengthen the women's movement

Josephine Tsui // 5 February 2018

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Better, but: Dutch Senate’s new law on gender identity

How good is the new Dutch gender recognition law?

Guest Blogger // 20 December 2013

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An open letter to Baroness Stowell of Beeston

Reubs Walsh shares their letter to the Government's spokesperson in the House of Lords for Women & Equalities regarding the negative implications of the Marriage (Same Sex) Couples Bill for trans people

Guest Blogger // 1 July 2013

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#TransDocFail: the trans community rises

Content note: This piece begins with a strong reference to self harm. Selective concern by the press and medical establishment - targeting one doctor while ignoring decades of everyday abuse and neglect from hundreds of NHS professionals - has led to great anger and unity. Jane Fae explains why in this guest post

Jane Fae // 9 January 2013

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Greece: 25 trans women detained during large-scale police crackdown

The Greek Transgender Support Association has published its response to the detention of 25 trans women in Athens during a recent, large-scale police crackdown.

Helen G // 17 August 2012

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Moving the mountain, one teaspoon at a time

Possibly my quote-of-the-day today comes from Sophie in ‘t Veld, Vice-president of the European Parliament’s LGBT Rights Intergroup and author of a newly-adopted report on equality in the EU between...

Helen G // 13 March 2012

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Forced sterilisation of TS/TG and gender variant people in Sweden will be stopped

The Swedish government changes its mind on keeping the requirement for sterilisation as a condition of legal change of gender.

Helen G // 18 February 2012

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Online campaign to stop enforced sterilisation of TS/TG and gender variant people in Sweden

Last week, the government of Sweden took the decision to retain a 1972 gender recognition law under which TS/TG and gender variant people who want to change their legal gender...

Helen G // 17 January 2012

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Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating VAW and DV adopted

Via a Council of Europe press release: At their 1111th meeting on 6 April 2011, the Ministers’ Deputies adopted the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against...

Helen G // 12 April 2011

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Forced divorce and sterilisation: a reality for many transgender persons

A couple of months ago I reported on the Irish Government’s decision to drop its challenge to a High Court declaration that Irish law on transgender rights is in breach...

Helen G // 31 August 2010

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Worrying Result in Spectrum Survey

Following on from Laura’s post about violence against trans women around the world, I’d also like to mention that there’s a post over at Bird of Paradox (BoP) about a...

Holly Combe // 5 June 2009

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