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The F-Word stage blog: September 2018

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre this month

Lissy Lovett // 11 September 2018

Categories: Blog

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act – make your voice heard

Contribute your views to the government's consultation on reforms to the Gender Recognition Act 2004

Editor // 2 September 2018

Categories: Blog

The F-Word stage blog: June 2018

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in June

Lissy Lovett // 26 June 2018

Categories: Blog

It’s time to simplify the gender recognition process

D H Kelly makes the case for a simpler gender recognition process for trans and non-binary people

D H Kelly // 21 August 2017

Categories: Body and Health, Features, Politics and Current Affairs

Punk’s pioneer

Jo Whitehead is struck by the brutal honesty in Laura Jane Grace’s moving account of being raised as a boy, navigating adulthood as an angry radical and then transitioning while fronting international anarchist punk band, Against Me!

Joanna Whitehead // 11 February 2017

Categories: Books, Reviews

Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe – part two

Our fourth post of reviews from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Today we're covering comedy. We'll have two more short comedy reviews at the end of next week

Various Authors // 14 August 2016

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Sexual orientation on the syllabus

Although feminism has been retained on the politics A Level syllabus, this writer thinks more needs to be done to educate students about LGBT rights

KS5 PolSoc // 24 June 2016

Categories: Blog

Conversations about gender identity

Mary Paterson reviews a double bill of STELLA and Adam’s Apple, both part of LIFT, and speaks with STELLA’s writer and director, Neil Bartlett

Mary Paterson // 10 June 2016

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Thank fuck, it’s Tuesday

Praising Sophie Hyde's debut feature, Sophie Mayer asserts you will never look at a Tuesday in quite the same way

Sophie Mayer // 4 August 2015

Categories: Films, Reviews

Weekly round up and open thread

We're back! After a short hiatus, here is the round up of links we've found interesting recently, plus a space for discussion in the comments

Megan Stodel // 17 November 2014

Categories: Blog

Richard III: a trans revelation

Katherine Wootton is blown away by new writing, Drag King Richard III, that explores trans experiences through Shakespearean dialogue and manages to get it just right

Katherine Wootton // 3 September 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

Today marks the fifteenth Transgender Day of Remembrance: at least 238 trans people have been murdered worldwide since this time last year

Laura // 20 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Outing, platforms, harassment and privilege

A guest post by Everyday Whorephobia about the dangers and injustice of sex workers and trans* people being outed against their will

Guest Blogger // 21 October 2013

Categories: Blog

Same-sex marriage, ciswash and a call to continued solidarity

Though the same-sex marriage bill is a major step forward for LGB equality, it marginalises trans people and their rights, argues Reubs Walsh

Reubs Walsh // 10 September 2013

Categories: Features

New Look needs a new policy

A recent incident has revealed that the high street clothes store New Look badly needs to get a new policy to guide how staff treat trans women. Michelle went to...

Jess McCabe // 19 March 2013

Categories: Blog

Gender charmers

Ania Ostrowska is charmed by a conference on revolutionary gender politics. But how radical was it on the day?

Ania Ostrowska // 24 February 2013

Categories: Events, Reviews

NHS consultation on trans related healthcare proposals

The NHS has announced a consultation and online survey in connection with its draft proposals for trans related healthcare.

Helen G // 10 January 2013

Categories: Blog

Sweden: Cis man cleared of rape charges because his woman victim had no vagina

[Trigger warning] A cis male rapist is charged with battery but not rape when it transpires his victim has no vagina.

Helen G // 4 July 2012

Categories: Blog

New EC report: “Discrimination against trans and intersex people on the grounds of sex, gender identity and gender expression”

A new EC report examining issues around discriminations faced by trans* and intersex people in Europe has just been published.

Helen G // 11 June 2012

Categories: Blog

Women born women?

As a controversial conference restricts entry to 'women born women', Helen G analyses this phrase

Helen G // 21 May 2012

Categories: Feminism, Language

An experience of crossing the gender divide: personal comfort before real difference

A guest blog post from Jane Fae on a topic she wanted to cover during her guest blogging stint (back in September) but found hard to tackle until now

Jane Fae // 8 February 2012

Categories: Blog

Transgender e-bulletin No.3 August/September 2011

Via email from the Government Equalities Office: The third Government Equalities Office transgender e-bulletin has now been released. This includes a third survey which focuses on two other areas which...

Helen G // 23 August 2011

Categories: Blog

Reminder: GEO trans health survey closes on Sunday

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) second e-bulletin (June/July 2011) is available for download from the Home Office website It contains a brief overview of the results of the survey linked...

Helen G // 15 July 2011

Categories: Blog


I kinda like being looked at. But, to explain, I’m not for a second one of those guys who counters women’s complaints about men constantly perving on them with “I...

Harri C. Weeks // 22 June 2011

Categories: Blog

F to M to feminist

*Edited to remove a phrase which really didn’t convey my meaning at all that I added before I’d had my coffee this morning. Around the time The F-Word advertised for...

Harri C. Weeks // 3 June 2011

Categories: Blog

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