Articles about 'transitioning'

It’s time to simplify the gender recognition process

D H Kelly makes the case for a simpler gender recognition process for trans and non-binary people

D H Kelly // 21 August 2017

Categories: Body and Health, Features, Politics and Current Affairs

Punk’s pioneer

Jo Whitehead is struck by the brutal honesty in Laura Jane Grace’s moving account of being raised as a boy, navigating adulthood as an angry radical and then transitioning while fronting international anarchist punk band, Against Me!

Joanna Whitehead // 11 February 2017

Categories: Books, Reviews

“the CPU is not made for this motherboard”

For anyone who has been following the lead-up to the recent military trial and conviction of the former United States Army soldier Private Manning in Texas, her announcement today will, in all likelihood, come as nothing of a surprise.

Helen G // 22 August 2013

Categories: Blog

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