Articles about 'transphobic violence'

“I’m not a TERF, but…”

Jo Whitehead despairs at Jenni Murray’s recent assertion that trans women cannot be ‘real’ women

Joanna Whitehead // 6 March 2017

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Features, Language, Politics and Current Affairs, Stereotypes, Violence

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

Today marks the fifteenth Transgender Day of Remembrance: at least 238 trans people have been murdered worldwide since this time last year

Laura // 20 November 2013

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Why we should be fighting for Cece McDonald

Max Brophy situates Cece McDonald's case in the wider context of the oppression of trans women of colour, and calls for the LGBTQ community to support Cece's campaign

Guest Blogger // 20 June 2012

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TGEU’s Trans Murder Monitoring project: Press Release, 23 March 2012

TGEU's Trans Murder Monitoring project has published its latest analysis of the available figures for the reported killings of trans people in 55 countries worldwide.

Helen G // 23 March 2012

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Those who think VAW is a joke will never take it seriously – unless they are made to pay

A guest post from Jane Fae picking up on the Paddy Power story that Helen G blogged about on Sunday

Jane Fae // 22 February 2012

Categories: Blog

Turkey: Another victim in the undeclared war on transgender women

Melda Yuksel is murdered in Turkey, the latest victim in an undeclared war against transgender women.

Helen G // 15 February 2012

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20th November 2011: 13th International Transgender Day of Remembrance

Every transsexual, white, black, man, woman, rich, poor, is in a state of primary emergency as a transsexual. [Andrea Dworkin in ‘Woman Hating’] Today, 20th November 2011, is the 13th...

Helen G // 20 November 2011

Categories: Blog

Transgender Europe: Press Release: November 16th 2011

Transgender Europe’s Trans Murder Monitoring project reveals 221 killings of trans people in the last 12 months In total, since January 2008 the murders of 755 trans people have been...

Helen G // 16 November 2011

Categories: Blog

September 2011: Trans Murder Monitoring Project update

The TGEU’s Trans Murder Monitoring project has issued a press release confirming that 116 reported murders of trans people have been registered since the start of this year. The September...

Helen G // 30 September 2011

Categories: Blog

Woman brutally beaten for using women’s toilet in fast-food restaurant

Trigger warning: violence against trans women Restroom panic, sometimes also known as bathroom panic; the terms mean the same. They refer to the sense of moral outrage and indignation experienced...

Helen G // 23 April 2011

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Trans Murder Monitoring project update reveals more than 500 reported murders of trans people in the last 3 years

The Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) project has published its latest update regarding the numbers of recorded murders of trans people worldwide – and it makes depressing reading. From the Trans...

Helen G // 23 March 2011

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London: Cis woman charged with murder after Kings Cross Tube station death

On Tuesday evening this week (26 October), an incident on a platform of the Piccadilly line underground at Kings Cross station in London resulted in the death of a gender...

Helen G // 28 October 2010

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Out of sight, out of mind? – Transgender People’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse

The LGBT Domestic Abuse Project and the Scottish Transgender Alliance have now published their research document surveying the levels and forms of domestic abuse to which transgender people are subjected,...

Helen G // 3 September 2010

Categories: Blog

Destiny Lauren murder trial and anti trans prejudice

The trial of the cis man Leon Fyle ended this week with his conviction for the murder of Destiny Lauren last November. Media coverage has been predictably and disappointingly sparse...

Helen G // 11 August 2010

Categories: Blog

Andrea Waddell: murder trial verdict (4 June 2010)

Breaking now; more to follow later: Neil McMillan has been found guilty of murdering Andrea Waddell and jailed for at least 22 years. Via BBC News, Press Association and others:...

Helen G // 4 June 2010

Categories: Blog

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