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How reading the comments can help the women’s movement

The comments section is often rife with dark abuse but exposes how deep certain types of prejudice run. It’s something feminists can’t ignore, writes Tilly Grove

Guest Blogger // 23 September 2017

Categories: Blog

Having compassion online will help you be a better feminist

In an age of what feels like perpetual bad news and division, better feminism relies on compassion and patience online, writes Charlotte Wylie

Guest Blogger // 12 July 2017

Categories: Blog

The first EdFringe 2015 theatre digest

From the experiences of young black women to depression in men via the armed forces and gendered toys, this is the first round-up of theatre reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 from Megan Stodel

Megan Stodel // 14 August 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Sexual assault allegations and attention seeking

Since Vanessa Feltz spoke of Rolf Harris putting his hand up her dress during an interview, she has been subject to a torrent of abuse, including the idea that she is seeking attention. D H Kelly explores this common accusation towards victims of sexual assault

D H Kelly // 8 July 2014

Categories: Blog

Trolls are not the most depressing part of this week’s twitter storm

This week, MP Stella Creasy must feel she’s slipped down the rabbit warren into an alternative universe – though one with fewer despotic queens than Alice’s wonderland. Not because she’s...

gailem // 31 July 2013

Categories: Blog

The trolls’ picnic, or setting up a feminist society

Elisa shares some of the lessons she has learned from helping to run a feminist society

Elise Haf // 15 July 2013

Categories: Blog

The ‘back home lot’ – looking for BME women writing online

Though the increasing concern about online misogyny is welcome, Asiya Islam feels that BME women writers are missing from the discussion. She is looking for BME women writers to share experiences

Asiya Islam // 21 February 2013

Categories: Blog

Let’s feed the trolls

Ellie Hutchinson of Scottish Women's Aid discusses the kind of online and offline trolling the organisation faces, and the importance of challenging it

Guest Blogger // 31 January 2013

Categories: Blog

“Why does it hurt you if I don’t hate myself?”

Philippa shares a video of a woman responding to fat-hating trolls.

Philippa Willitts // 4 July 2012

Categories: Blog

Modern fairytale characters: a brief guide

The Troll of Random Misogyny lives under many bridges; although the Guardian seems to be one of his favourite places to lurk, possibly because of its soft liberal padding...

katyha // 25 January 2012

Categories: Blog

Women at Comment is Free & CiF trespass

Today is CiF trespass. In response to the commenting atmosphere at the Guardian’s debate site, Comment is Free, Rowan Davies came up with the proposal: The idea is that people...

Jess McCabe // 10 January 2011

Categories: Blog

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