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Our anonymous author speaks out about her rape and the consequent criminal trial

Anonymous // 22 September 2017

Categories: Features, Violence

Virtuous, vulnerable and burdened: how feminism is undermined by making everything ‘a feminist issue’

Dr Tina Sikka discusses how 'feminist issues' are framed

Tina Sikka // 26 January 2017

Categories: Features

Travelling alone: the Big Bad Wolf is not on every corner

We won't stop attacks on solo female travellers by staying indoors or following contrived Government guidelines, argues Jane Buffham

Guest Blogger // 26 November 2016

Categories: Blog

A lesson in victim blaming

If even little girls doing cartwheels are being told to cover up in case they get teased, no wonder victim blaming is so ingrained in our society, argues Laura Cooke

Guest Blogger // 15 November 2016

Categories: Blog

The wrong kind of victim

Following the coverage of the Stanford university rape case, an anonymous contributor discusses her own experiences of sexual assault and the difficulties she faced when identifying herself as a victim of rape

Guest Blogger // 19 July 2016

Categories: Features, Violence

The illusion of neutrality

Although in an ideal world, we would be able to judge situations neutrally, our guest blogger Nicola explains how often judgements are biased in the favour of oppressors

Nicola // 7 July 2016

Categories: Blog

Believing Amber Heard is about believing all victims

Nobody wants to think ill of their heroes, but D H Kelly explains how defending famous men by attacking their accusers makes it harder for all victims to speak out

D H Kelly // 30 May 2016

Categories: Blog

‘Tis the season for “don’t get raped” advice

It's our #festivefeminism month and Ellie Hutchinson asks why we have to put up with the now annual "don't get raped" messages from the police

Guest Blogger // 22 December 2015

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

Hello, F Word readers, and Happy 2015! Welcome to the first weekly round-up and open thread of the year. Below are some recent news stories that caught the attention of The F Word Collective this week (linking does not necessarily imply endorsement or agreement by members of the collective or the author of this post). Please note that these links range from "ooh yay!" to "oy vey" and some articles may be triggering. Want to discuss these topics or add your own? Please share this post, and comment below!

Chella Quint // 5 January 2015

Categories: Blog

Follow-up: How I made sure I didn’t go home with a rapist

In light of comments on Facebook responding to my post yesterday, it seems there are some points I need to clarify...

Amber Collins // 10 July 2014

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views

Laura // 20 January 2014

Categories: Blog

No excuses: anti-rape campaign launched in Bristol today

Holly gives details of the this is not an excuse campaign, which calls out victim blaming myths while also linking to help and support

Holly Combe // 21 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Victim blaming: the easy option?

Guest blogger Sarah writes about whether victim blaming is a handy way of avoiding taking real action, and whether it is used for others to feel safe

Sarah Thomasin // 9 September 2013

Categories: Blog

Stop revenge porn

Ellie Hutchinson on a new Scottish campaign to tackle revenge porn - a form of domestic abuse - and the victim blaming that goes with it

Guest Blogger // 5 August 2013

Categories: Blog

New review: 90210

With its fifth and final series currently showing on E4 in the UK, the US fictional teen drama 90210 has tackled some familiar issues affecting young people. Robyn Harris goes...

Holly Combe // 1 August 2013

Categories: Blog

9021-oh: The harsh truth about victim-blaming in US schools?

With its fifth and final series currently showing on E4 in the UK, the US fictional teen drama 90210 has tackled some familiar issues affecting young people. Robyn Harris goes back to series' two and three to examine two storylines where female characters experience abuse and is disappointed to find the show ultimately doing very little to help dispel victim blaming

Robyn Harris //

Categories: Reviews, Television

Hall, Saatchi and male violence against women

A mini rant about male violence, abuse apologism and victim blaming, after yesterday's news

Laura // 18 June 2013

Categories: Blog

The repercussions of speaking up about sexual violence

Millitoria describes the often negative reactions she has received as someone who speaks out about sexual violence, and offers advice on how to respond supportively when someone talks to you about the issue

Guest Blogger // 22 May 2013

Categories: Blog

Leading barrister deems Operation Yewtree “grotesque spectacle”

Laura takes down an article that paints Stuart Hall's acts of child abuse as "low-level misdemeanors" and accuses anti-abuse campaigners and law-enforcement agencies of "fetishising victimhood"

Laura // 9 May 2013

Categories: Blog

Steubenville: An American phenomenon?

Hannah Hilali explores the meaning of "rape culture" in the context of the Steubenville rape case and her own experience of sexual assault here in the UK

Guest Blogger // 6 April 2013

Categories: Blog

SWP internal committee exonerates senior member of rape

It has come to light this week that the internal Disputes Committee within the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) held a hearing to address a rape case involving a young female...

Laura // 12 January 2013

Categories: Blog

Avoid dressing like a cocktail

Philippa shares a video by Nadia Kamil which applies the tropes of victim-blaming campaigns to drunk driving advice.

Philippa Willitts // 17 December 2012

Categories: Blog

How to be a victim blamer

Laura responds to a disappointing and dangerous bit of victim blaming from Caitlin Moran

Laura //

Categories: Blog

Reclaim the night this November!

Laura details the various reclaim the night marches taking place across the country this month in a bid to raise awareness of violence against women

Laura // 15 November 2012

Categories: Blog

Sexual assault: things haven’t changed

When Isobel Greener's dad suggested that things have changed a lot since the 1970s, when women were considered "fair game" for men to grope, she decided to set the record straight by sharing some of her own personal experiences of sexual assault

Guest Blogger // 12 October 2012

Categories: Blog

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