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Sizing up

What does size 16 mean? Barely anything, Zoe Russell realises

Zoe Russell // 2 November 2016

Categories: Blog

Unsexy women: Love, sex and marginalised bodies

In a culture which categorises some groups of women as unattractive, D H Kelly explores how this has an effect far beyond whether or not we find love or get laid

D H Kelly // 8 July 2016

Categories: Body and Health, Features, Racism, Sex and Relationships

A personal story of disordered eating

An anonymous author endured years of anxiety about food and weight, but without a diagnosis to describe her experiences. She wonders how many others may be in a similar position

Guest Blogger // 2 June 2016

Categories: Body and Health, Features

My public body

When Sephy Hallow decided to change her body, everyone seemed entitled to comment

Guest Blogger // 15 June 2015

Categories: Blog

I was labelled a terrorist

Tara Costello hits back at her online aggressors

Guest Blogger // 2 May 2015

Categories: Blog

When your lover says you’re ugly, it’s a low down lie.

Responding to a story in which a middle-aged woman is told by her new boyfriend that her body is too wrinkled, D H Kelly argues that men who criticise their lover's looks are interested in power rather than appearance

D H Kelly // 20 July 2014

Categories: Blog

The circle of shame

Gemma Louisa Morrison decries the promotion of dieting and negative body image in women's magazines

Guest Blogger // 16 August 2013

Categories: Blog

My experience of slimming clubs

A guest post from Saranga in response to Chrissy D's piece from yesterday

Guest Blogger // 20 February 2012

Categories: Blog

In defence of Susie Orbach

Chrissy D considers why some reactions to Susie Orbach's take on slimming clubs are misguided and outlines her own objections to the ethics of them

Guest Blogger // 19 February 2012

Categories: Blog

The postnatal body project

A guest post from Chrissy D on the body improvement project relentlessly marketed to new Mums

Guest Blogger // 19 January 2012

Categories: Blog

Intrusive Questions

Philippa talks about inappropriate questions regarding her body and disability from strangers.

Philippa Willitts // 17 August 2010

Categories: Blog

Resolve Not to Resolve

Philippa writes about girlcotting diets as new years resolutions.

Philippa Willitts // 1 January 2010

Categories: Blog

Women’s preference for curves is nothing to be happy about

A new study by a food company has shown that British women now prefer to be curvy than thin. Apparently Kate Moss’ physique is much less desirable than that of...

Lola Adesioye // 22 July 2009

Categories: Blog

Modelling and crash-dieting: what could possibly go wrong?

MTV are chasing after the TV modelling bandwagon with a show that ‘dares to go where no modelling show has gone before’. Where might that be then? Empowering women to...

Mel J // 21 August 2008

Categories: Blog

Subvertising on Facebook!

Today, I belatedly discovered an interesting project that my Facebook friend Corinna posted a link to a couple of days ago. Basically, Teresa of got so sick of complaining...

Holly Combe // 16 July 2008

Categories: Blog

Now Magazine’s BMI Blunder

For an example of how reports about celebrity weight loss can get the whole weight debate completely out of proportion, take a look at Now Magazine’s interview with Natalie Cassidy...

Holly Combe // 14 January 2008

Categories: Blog

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