Articles about 'women in sport'

Sidelined: we need to get serious about girls’ participation in sport

The need to control and emphasise the way women look and behave is having a serious impact on girls’ participation in sport, argues Sally Parkin

Guest Blogger // 28 March 2017

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From Serena Williams to Sonita Alizadeh: women in docs at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016

Ania Ostrowska looks at women on screen and behind the camera at the recent Sheffield Doc/Fest, the UK’s biggest documentary festival

Ania Ostrowska // 8 July 2016

Categories: Films, Reviews

The rise and fall of the Lingerie Football League

February's guest blogger Helen Reid interviews the founder of the Lingerie Football League and the instigator of the petition against it, considering how the League may be damaging to women's representation in the beautiful game

Helen Reid // 27 February 2016

Categories: Blog

The grass ceiling

Helen Reid condemns widespread discrimination that affects women’s ability to partake in sport and calls for better treatment of women, trans* and intersex people by sporting bodies, the media and the public

Helen Reid // 16 February 2016

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How responsible are women for their sexualisation in the media?

Elin Weiss & Hennie Weiss ask if women's sports can be taken seriously when some women draw attention not to their skills, but to their bodies and their appearance.

Guest Blogger // 18 March 2012

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