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If FTSE companies won’t put women on boards, we will

We need to put pressure on big companies to put women on boards by literally showing them what it looks like, writes Sophie Becker

Guest Blogger // 10 July 2018

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High heels and employers’ ‘freedom’ to impose

Holly Combe considers the possibility of employers being forced not to force women to wear high heels

Holly Combe // 11 August 2017

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Feisty one, you are!

Leah Holroyd questions why women are called 'feisty' in the workplace, and whether this is undermining women in business

Leah Holroyd // 29 June 2017

Categories: Features, Work and Play

Hidden sexism in the Academy

This is a guest post by Natasha Turner, who Tweets at @NatashaDTurner. With women making up 56% of undergraduates in the UK, it’s easy to assume that gender inequality does...

Guest Blogger // 18 March 2014

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£1 million to investigate pregnancy discrimination: a welcome move for women’s rights, but urgent action needed

The charity Maternity Action outlines some of the challenges facing pregnant women and new mothers in the workplace, in light of the government's announcement that it will fund research into pregnancy discrimination

Guest Blogger // 8 November 2013

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An introduction / a recent epiphany

"I'm not sure when or why I separated my black identity/reality from my feminist ideals, and when they became separate things. I think that the feminist movement is so dominated by white women and the experience of especially middle class white women, that I forget that I exist, saddled with further battles to climb"

Tara // 4 July 2013

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At work, people see colour

Lettie N reflects on her experiences of racism at work in the health service since coming to the UK

Guest Blogger // 4 April 2013

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Ireland: woman wins workplace discrimination case

Via NewsTalk (also The Journal and RTE): In the first case of its kind, the Equality Tribunal has awarded €35,000 to a transexual worker who was discriminated against on gender...

Helen G // 19 April 2011

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Tories attack parental leave

The Tory government is planning to strip parental leave rights from parents who work in small businesses, reports The Telegraph. Under the proposal from Chancellor George Osbourne, businesses employing 10...

Jess McCabe // 13 March 2011

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More on Gray, Keys and the media

At the risk of overkill on the issue of Gray and Keys’s conduct (or possibly giving the impression I care more about it than a strong minded lass apparently should),...

Holly Combe // 1 February 2011

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Another provocative Fay Weldon headline

According to the headline and subheading in today’s Telegraph, Fay Weldon thinks Katie Price “drinks too much and sleeps with too many people and talks about it too much for...

Holly Combe // 1 December 2009

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Daily Politics Work Debate

It only really scratches the surface of the issue but you might be interested to check out a five minute snippet of a Daily Politics debate between Anneka Rice, Phil...

Holly Combe // 13 June 2009

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“Advancing Women” by… Not Employing Us

Bafflingly, that seems to be the position of Sylvia Tidy-Harris, who you may have seen on the programme Kate appeared on and talked about in her post yesterday. I took...

Holly Combe // 19 May 2009

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Mini Skirts in the Workplace?

According to Conservative mayor, Gabor Mitynan, it’s a “yes,” but the condition attached is that you must have “perfect” legs. Mitynan, who runs a wealthy district of Budapest in Hungary,...

Holly Combe // 30 September 2005

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