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Urban carnival

Uplifting beats, political discourse and an overall joyful feel of solidarity. Kirsty Folan is captivated by MALKA’s new album

Kirsty Folan // 13 November 2017

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Worrying about not having a ‘motherly’ instinct doesn’t make you a bad feminist

Jordan King urges us not to feel guilty for internalising the pressure to be 'natural' with children

Guest Blogger // 2 August 2017

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Navigating girlhood

Sarah Wishart is impressed by the hypnotic performance of a girl on the cusp of teenagehood in The Fits

Sarah Wishart // 17 March 2017

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The power of a loving couple

Emily Chudy reviews touching civil-rights drama Loving, exploring the lessons that still need to be learnt from one marriage that changed the course of history

Emily Chudy // 8 March 2017

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Whose awards are these anyway?

Natalie Wreyford, a BAFTA voter, questions the fairness of awards voting processes and shows how they can influence who wins

Natalie Wreyford // 24 February 2017

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Women on the wrong track?

Nicola McClements reads Sady Doyle's exploration of the ‘trainwreck’ women celebrities the world just loves to hate

Nicola McClements // 24 October 2016

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Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web chosen by The F-Word team

Lusana Taylor // 27 April 2016

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This month, we're focusing on #FeministParenting. Comic artist, Silvia Carrus, tackles some double standards.

Guest Blogger // 23 March 2016

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Let me take a selfie

Sophie Turner uses the much-maligned selfie to document her life and explore her identity

Sophie Turner // 3 March 2016

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Please can we stop calling Jeremy Hunt a cunt

Shoshana Devora worries that there is underlying misogyny in critics' attempts to shame Jeremy Hunt by comparing him to female genitalia - we should be talking about our cunts in a celebratory way

Shoshana Devora // 13 February 2016

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On sexism and immigration

Responding to David Cameron's concerns about the isolation of migrant Muslim women, D H Kelly highlights the ways in which our immigration system is indirectly sexist and can put women at risk

D H Kelly // 22 January 2016

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Weekly Round-up and Open Thread

This week's round-up includes everything from Carol's "Oscars snub" to the many differing and complex opinions on David Bowie's legacy. All links chosen by the F-Word team

Lusana Taylor // 19 January 2016

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YSL: Fetishism is Eternal

Following the first UK exhibition of the work of Yves Saint Laurent, Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer examines the language used to describe the fashion designer and his work, and wonders whether this is all about making sales

Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer // 12 January 2016

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Oh Rose, thou art sick

Deborah Nicholls-Lee argues that too much pink may be bad for your child

Guest Blogger // 30 November 2015

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Romance novels and feminism genre snobsCan love conquer all – even the genre snobs?

If there are clichés and poorly-written books in every genre, Nick Beard asks, why is romance always singled out for derision?

Nick Beard // 19 November 2015

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Pankhearst: pixels into knives

Andie Berryman talks to Evangeline Jennings of indie writing collective Pankhearst about the publishing process, America’s ‘war on women’ and the fury that drives her to write

Andie Berryman // 7 October 2015

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Is this the most important book of 2015?

Consent and victim-blaming in the age of the smartphone: we should all be talking about Louise O'Neill's Asking For It, says Gemma Fraser

Gemma Fraser // 3 September 2015

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Plenty of art… but where’s the asking?

Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking is emotional and inspiring, but when it comes to the big questions she misses the mark, says Ashley Cook

Ashley Cook // 28 August 2015

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Bad witch, good witch

Despite some promising themes in Wicked, Megan Stodel finds the musical about the witches of Oz defying the gravity necessary to go beyond their superficial exploration

Megan Stodel // 10 March 2015

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The magic of Red Pig Flower

Mia Hull finds the art of Red Pig Flower exciting, engaging and well worth a visit

Mia Hull // 12 March 2014

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An exhibition of one’s own

Quietly radical and joyfully frustrated, Lebanese abstract artist Saloua Raouda Choucair finally gains a new audience with her first major solo exhibition. Nikki Hall thinks it's about time too

Nikki Hall // 7 June 2013

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The story of The F-Word

The F Word was founded by Catherine Redfern who edited it from 2001-2007. This is her message before handing over to Jess McCabe in 2007

Catherine Redfern // 14 August 2007

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